Ad-Bikes is an innovative out-of-home advertising solution that provides a platform for brands interested in reaching their potential customers in a unique way.

We are Ad-Bikes, a free to use network of city bicycles that promotes compelling advertisements as much as it benefits its riders.


Whether the ad is part of a large out-of-home campaign or your brand’s first-ever message out in the world, Ad-Bikes is an exciting new way for both small and large brands to reach engaged audiences. There’s no limiting where your ad can go. Our users become your brand ambassadors, sending your message across town. At the same time, you’re able to connect with consumers on a more personal level, bringing your brand to the streets, literally.



Be one step ahead with Ad-Bikes


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Ride-sharing, home lending, peer-to-peer lending, reselling, co-working… The sharing economy, sometimes also called the collaboration economy, has reached all kinds of niches, including bike sharing. Cities around the world have pioneered to establish successful bike sharing systems, like Paris, New York, London and Beijing.


Cleaner and healthier

With shared ownership, bicycles are used when needed, moving around the city is easier and more flexible (don’t need to worry about storage space or potential theft), and costs can be minimised (forget maintenance fees). The resulting decrease in amount of cars, congestion and vehicle emissions in the city, as well as the added health benefits of cycling, make bike sharing systems a way of the future.


Our bikes

Rooted in Dutch design, Ad-Bikes not only look good but work well. We offer a broad range of high-quality bicycles from Dutch cargo bikes to sport bikes, bikes for women and even children to appeal to all audiences. Equipped with a keyless Bluetooth lock and a GPS system, our bikes can easily be tracked by us and accessed by our users via the ‘Squibikes’ App.

Our users

Our bikes are available to be used, free of charge. After creating a profile, users are free to locate available bicycles on the ‘Squibikes’ App and unlock the closest ride by connecting via Bluetooth. Accessible and easy to use, our bikes get people where they need to go. Gaining points for travelling to busier, more central areas, our users become your brand ambassadors, spreading your message where you want people to see it most – these points can be exchanged for vouchers or coupons to local events, subscription services or more.


Our channels

As digital natives, we believe in the power of social media. We’ll make sure to cross promote your advertisement on our channels including on Facebook and Instagram to reach as many people as possible. We use retargeting practices as a way to target our users: they see the ads on our bikes, then they see them in our app, and then again on their social media feeds.


Track & Trace

Once fitted with your ad, we distribute the bicycles in the city. We’ve made it easy for you to track the progress of your campaign thanks to the GPS system and BLE beacon technology on our bikes. You’ll get access to a personalized dashboard that allows you to manage, view and track the campaign with real-time insights into the exposure of your ad.


Custom Packages

Our packages are fully customizable and scalable. Adjust the amount of bikes that are circulating in the city with your ad as well as the duration of your campaign according to your budget. Just like you, we want your ad to be seen and will work closely with our users to make sure they do. Track your campaign’s progress on your personalized dashboard. Want to adjust something? No problem, our team is on standby to help you determine what will work best.


city-wide collaborations

With our App’s map feature, we can feature local events, cafes and restaurants, shops and other small businesses. In this way, we hope to build meaningful relationships between local businesses and organizations and our users. We are currently looking into partnerships on this front – if you are interested in discussing partnership opportunities, please reach out.

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